About Our Events

Double D’s has a new way to experience the everyday. Break up the monotony and come on down! We are hosting events for you and your friends tonight!

There is no better time than now! Double D’s gives a night out that is better than other restaurants/bars. We give our valued customers something extra on top of good food and drinks at affordable prices for them to feel special – all while having fun with people they love most, all near your hometown right here in Rockledge, Florida!

Check out what we’re hosting

Trivia Night 

Every Thursday 7 pm-9 pm

Do you love being the smartest person in your group? Do not miss out on Trivia Night at Double D’s. It is an event where people come together with their friends and family to answer trivia questions, making it an excellent opportunity for those with similar interests or just good at answering tricky brain teasers! This provides entertainment and builds connections among strangers by sharing standard knowledge bases like our favorite TV shows. There will always be drinks available while playing games–there’s nothing more fun than having so much shared experience that you can talk without feeling self-conscious about what else you don’t know yet!

There are sure bets for everyone at Trivia night, whether it’s decades or Jeopardy-themed games; general knowledge rounds with categories like history and literature, as well as art and film. And if not enough prizes make their way into the house on their own, don’t worry because you can build your team to beat out the competition! 

There are prizes for the best team in all of Rockledge, Florida!

Family Game Day

Starting Saturday at 6:30 pm

It’s time to get together with your friends, family members, and loved ones for some serious gaming! Create lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Stop by Double D’s Deli soon before it fills up again this year (you know how fast word gets out!) We have an assortment of board games available just waiting to be played; whether you’re looking forward to being reunited after decades of not seeing each other, Double D’s will cater to all families for any occasion!

Family Game Day at Double D’s Deli is no different. Stop in to grab some grub and play a game you used to love as much as the next person but have been missing out on lately because of school or work. We have an assortment and more such as: 

  • Jenga
  • Checkers
  • Uno
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Connect Four

You can also watch college football games while noshing away delicious food like our famous pastrami sandwiches (known throughout all of Rockledge), wings drowning in a sauce that’ll make them cry tears of joy (try the Carolina Mustard!).

Or maybe you want something else altogether–maybe an IPA would better suit whatever mood strikes today; either way, we’ve got every type available for quenching thirsty souls who want to join in on game night. 

Wendy’s Wine Time 

You must purchase tickets in advance. They cost $45 a person or $80 a pair. 

Join us for a night of wine and socializing at Double D’s Deli & More! Sip your favorite drink with friends, taste new delicacies from our house-crafted pastrami to barbeque favorites. You deserve it. 

When you want a cozy night with your significant other or close friends, come out to Double D’s Deli & More! Sip wine and feel fancy. This event is perfect for anyone over 21 years old – celebrate birthdays, toast job offers just because it’s Wine Time at the best deli in Rockledge, FL!

Try out some of our charcuterie creations as part of Wendy’s Wine Time. We serve up luxurious reds and crisp whites with delicious cheeses, cured meats for a fantastic night that will leave your taste buds satisfied but not too full! Join us biweekly to enjoy the perfect pairing experience while indulging in all these yummy offerings on top of everything else we have planned – it’s sure worth checking out what everyone in Rockledge says about Wine Time! 

Order your tickets today at 321-313-5204!

College Gameday

We welcome watch parties every Saturday.

College football is a huge deal during the fall. It’s when fans come together and cheer on their favorite teams, talk about who they think will win this year… If you’re looking for somewhere to watch your team in action- look no further than Double D’s Deli & More! We have an excellent menu with plenty of great choices from deli meats to gourmet sandwiches – and barbeque options that have no end in sight so that everyone can find something tasty!  With a large selection of beer alongside our extensive wine list… Let’s say that there isn’t anything left out when it comes time for game day celebration!! 

Best Deli in Rockledge, FL | Double D’s Deli & More

For the best deli in Rockledge, FL, stop by Double D’s Deli & More! We offer a wide range of delicious pastrami and corned beef sandwiches that will leave you wanting more. Call 321-298-6995 today to order a mouthwatering pastrami sandwich for you or your loved ones! 

Make plans to come by Double D’s Deli & More this fall. We have plenty of events planned for you! You’ll be able to enjoy food, football games, and more as we transform into a place that feels like home with family-friendly activities during trivia nights, wine time, or game days – follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more updates on all of our events here at Rockledge, Florida!