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Hungry for some classic deli breakfast, but don’t know where to turn in the Space Coast area? At Double D’s, we know all about breakfast and the ultimate breakfast sandwich near you. With a focus on Polish and deli staples, our fresh breakfast items will keep you going all day long! We serve the ultimate breakfast sandwich, fresh bagels, delicious pastry items, hot coffee, and more from six to eleven every day, but don’t worry. If you miss out, you can always join us for lunch or dinner instead!

Serving Hot Breakfast Sandwiches Near You Daily

For Brevard County’s best breakfast, Double D’s has what you’re looking for. With incredible breakfast sandwiches, homemade hot coffee, fresh-baked bread, bagels, and more, our food is only second to our stellar customer service. If you’re looking for a unique breakfast deli experience, our Polish and barbeque background won’t disappoint. We know our recipes inside out, preparing our food with the utmost care and attention to detail. Stop in today to give it a try!

Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwiches

At Double D’s we’ve perfected the art of sandwichcraft. Our breakfast sandwiches are no exception; from house-smoked bacon to homemade kielbasa on fresh bread, bagels, and rolls, all of our sandwiches are made to order fresh and hot. With juicy, succulent meats, farm-fresh eggs, and handpicked veggies, every bite of one of our breakfast sandwiches will leave you wanting more. Pick your bread and meat, top it with an egg and cheese, or sub out the egg white for a dollar extra! Choose any of our freshly baked bread as your base:

  • Assorted Bagel Flavors
  • Hard Rolls
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Rye Bread

Bagels & Pastries

At Double D’s, all of our bagels and pastries are made fresh every day. With a variety of flavor options from the popular Lox Bagel to our beloved Cinnamon Rolls, every item we serve is made with care. We carry a variety of bagels and pastries, including:

  • Plain Bagels
  • Asiago Bagels
  • Everything Bagels
  • Jalapeño Bagels
  • Assorted Muffins
  • Cinnamon Rolls

Other Delicious Treats

If you’re looking for something else to perk up your morning, we’ve got a ton of options. Whether you need that caffeine pick-me-up, a fruity refresher, or some homemade meats a la carte, we’ve got you covered. Double D’s has breakfast fit for every kind of person, king or otherwise! Check out some of our most popular options:

  • Fresh Coffee
  • Hand-Pressed Juice
  • Juicy Kielbasa
  • Smoky Bacon

Fresh Meats Made In-House

At Double D’s, we started as a barbeque joint. That means we know our meats like the backs of our hands, so you can bet that our breakfast meats will be juicer and more flavorful than anything you’ve ever had in your life. We made all of our meats in-house from beginning to end, from the brining, seasoning, and stuffing to the smoking and cooking.

Rooted in Polish Traditions

Our restaurant is steeped in a rich history of Polish traditions. With recipes passed down from generation to generation, we’ve taken what our family has given us and run with it. For example, we have chosen to use traditional Polish kielbasa in our breakfast sandwiches instead of breakfast sausage, because we feel it gives the food more flavor and is juicier. Plus, we make it fresh in-house every day. We also use our family recipes to craft our other delicious menu items, as well, from kapusniak to Polish-style pastrami.

High-Quality Food & Service Always – Breakfast Sandwich Near You

From Grandma’s famous pickles and pastrami to our classic and beloved tender meats, we are proud of each of our menu items. Everything we make has a history behind it and is made with care. We use fresh, flavorful ingredients in all of our dishes, from crunchy carrots and succulent beef to fresh-baked bread and tangy pickles.

If you’re looking for iconic deli staples with a fresh twist or the best barbeque in Brevard County, Double D’s has what you’re looking for! Stop in for a tasty meal and a friendly smile today, or order our catering online. You can also give us a call if you have any questions.

The Double D’s Difference

Double D’s Deli & More knows how to bring out the best flavors for a breakfast sandwich near you, from pastrami and corned beef to barbeque and kielbasa. With roots in Polish food and a love for succulent meats that will make your mouth water, we are passionate about all things food and family.

If you are looking for a delicious meal and a friendly atmosphere, stop by our location in Rockledge. You can also give us a call with any questions about our food or catering services at (321) 298-6995. Visit us on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Customer Reviews

Double D's Deli & More

Best BBQ!

Best BBQ!

Some of the best BBQ in the south !!! Excellent service and a great staff. The food was fantastic and the customer service was timely and considerate. During my visit, I met the owner, who happens to be a really great guy. I cant recommend the place enough !!!

— Cole Turner

Great BBQ!

Great BBQ!

Great BBQ! We are not from the area, but passed through and had lunch. Will definitely try to add this stop anytime we are in the area in the future. Everything we had was wonderful and the staff was very friendly.

— Eric Sanny P