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Homemade Canned Pickles

A hundreds-of-years’-old homemade canned pickles recipe, our pickles go way back. Passed down to Dave by his grandmother, we’ve honed in on what makes Grandma’s Famous Pickles so irresistible. Paired with a sandwich or even on their own, these pickles bring the taste of farm freshness to your plate with the ease of stopping into the store.

Per the homemade canned pickles original recipe, we always use fresh, clean ingredients. From garden-fresh cucumbers, dill, and garlic to locally sourced spices, our cold and crunchy pickles will leave you wanting more every time. Swing by Double D’s Deli & More to give Grandma’s Famous Pickles a try today!

About Our Pickles

Growing up, our family always enjoyed eating fresh, homemade foods like our grandmother’s pickles. We never wanted to eat anything else! That’s why Double D’s Deli & More wants to bring the taste of homemade deliciousness to you: we serve our homemade canned pickles with our dishes, but we also have to-go options so you can enjoy them every day!

  • Garlic Dill Pickles
  • Bread & Butter Pickles
  • Sweet & Spicy Pickles

With their crunchy texture and iconic salty taste, pickles are a staple in many homes across America and beyond. Thanks to our delicious brine, our pickles stay fresh for weeks in the fridge, letting you enjoy their cold crunch as long as they last!

Pickles To-Go!

Bring home the taste of farmhouse freshness with our pickle takeout options! Our pickles are all available in spears and chips so you can enjoy them on their own, as a side dish, on sandwiches, and more. The possibilities are endless; grab one of our jars full of dill and garlic goodness on your way out, or stop in to get them fresh.

Benefits of Eating Pickles

We all know that pickles taste good, but did you know that they have many health benefits, too? Made from cucumbers packed with nutrients, eating pickles may be better for you than you think! Here are some of our favorite reasons to eat pickles:

Can help curb sugar spikes: Pickle juice is made with a high concentration of vinegar, which is excellent at helping keep blood sugar levels at a more consistent baseline. Many people who struggle with blood sugar issues take vinegar to help with these issues, so eating pickles soaked in the stuff may be the next best step!

Could help with digestion: Pickles have a ton of probiotics in them, which are excellent for gut health. Probiotics work in several ways, including helping to balance the good bacteria in your stomach, promote heart health, and even improve some mental health issues.

May help fight diseases: Thanks to cucumbers’ high beta-carotene content, your body may be able to fight off harmful diseases better. Your body can convert the antioxidant into vitamin A, which has countless health benefits that help your body reduce the risk of strokes, cancer, heart disease, and other issues.

Could ease muscle cramps: Many athletes and other active people swear that pickle juice is the cure for relieving muscle cramps by replacing electrolytes. While there is not much research on the topic yet, we say: don’t knock it ’til you try it!

The History of Pickles

Over 4,000 years ago, ancient people began soaking cucumbers in acidic brine to preserve the vegetable. People added salt to the mixture to further help with the preservation. In a time without refrigerators, people made every effort to preserve food in any way they could. Many explorers like Christopher Columbus loved to travel with the delicious treat because it could survive the long journeys, plus it was always tasty!

Pickling itself is one of the oldest forms of food preservation, with roots dating back to 2400 B.C., according to some scholars. In 50 B.C., “Queen Cleopatra of Egypt credited the pickles in her diet with contributing to her health and legendary beauty. Meanwhile, Cleopatra’s lover Julius Caesar and other Roman emperors gave pickles to their troops to eat in the belief that they would make them strong”, according to History.com.

The Double D’s Difference

Double D’s Deli & More knows how to bring out the best flavors in the South, from pastrami and corned beef to barbeque and kielbasa. With roots in Polish food and a love for succulent meats that will make your mouth water, we are passionate about all things food and family. If you are looking for a delicious meal and a friendly atmosphere, stop by our location in Rockledge. You can also give us a call with any questions about our food or catering services at (321) 298-6995. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Customer Reviews

Double D's Deli & More

Best BBQ!

Best BBQ!

Some of the best BBQ in the south !!! Excellent service and a great staff. The food was fantastic and the customer service was timely and considerate. During my visit, I met the owner, who happens to be a really great guy. I cant recommend the place enough !!!

— Cole Turner

Great BBQ!

Great BBQ!

Great BBQ! We are not from the area, but passed through and had lunch. Will definitely try to add this stop anytime we are in the area in the future. Everything we had was wonderful and the staff was very friendly.

— Eric Sanny P