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Do you have a party coming up and need some help? Here at Double D’s Deli & More, we make it easy to make selections for catering services. Customers can select online whichever items they would like right through our catering section and create an event! We offer al carte options such as breakfast sandwiches, burgers, soups, or we also have Dinner for two or Belly Buster Family Feast options too! Depending on the customer’s needs, we wanted our catering options to be as customizable as possible. 

We have something for everyone and all kinds of meals that will make your belly happy. For simple catering solutions, Double D’s Deli & More has meals-to-go and more for you to choose from! We can help you create the perfect menu for your next event or family gathering. 

Tasty Catering Packages

At Double D’s Deli & More, you have to try our specialty house-prepared meats. We prepare our corned beef and pastrami for days before cooking it to the perfection of New York! However, it is not just meat that we have and specialize in. Here are some of our favorites to select from: 

In-House Smoked Pastrami

House-Corned Beef

Grandma’s Famous Garlic Pickles

Hand-Stuffed Kielbasa

Homemade Kapuskniak

Fresh Bagels

Smoked n’ Fried Wings

See something that made your mouth water? Or maybe your stomach rumbles a bit? You have to try our sandwiches, pickles, and Kielbasa! If you are a morning person, come in for breakfast and get yourself a

 fresh bagel to start the day. Any of these options are perfect for your next event, and our catering services are here to make sure your party goes just as planned! 

Our Catering Services

Everyone knows that planning events can be stressful and picking out meals for large groups of people can be a hassle. At more significant events, such as weddings, fundraisers, and others, it’s sometimes best to leave the food preparation to the pros and worry about the decor and everything else. You have to believe that you do not want to cook for the event. Someone made you believe it will be easy or cheaper to do it yourself. Le

t us tell you why catering services can make your life a whole lot easier! The benefits seem endless but here are just a few: 

Saves Money 

catering services

Many people think cooking themselves will save money until they buy the ingredients and supplies. They gather everything they need, and the cost keeps going up and up. It is worth comparing the costs of hiring professional catering services with your shopping list beforehand. 

Saves Time 

Planning the event can already take up a lot of your time, and now you want to cook for th

em too? Cooking a meal for a large group of people can take a whole day, sometimes longer if you are not a professional chef, something to keep in mind when considering hiring catering services vs. cooking yourself. 

Good Food 

One of the best parts is picking your favorite foods and sharing them with your guests! Just like our juicy burgers, best pickles around, and handmade cuisines. You know it is better than what you could have cooked up. Trust us when we tell you cooking for significant events is not something you can pick up

 overnight. We have the experience and tools to get you the delicious food you want for your next event. Using our catering services is only a perk for everyone involved! 

Stress-Free Preparation 

Cooking dinner every night can get stressful or overwhelming. Now imagine cooking for fifty-plus people, without knowing what they want, how to prepare food, or manage time.

 When you hire our catering services, we know how to handle all situations and get it to you within plenty of time. 

You will find yourself running around with so many things going on that if you have to cook as well, you will forget something. Why not just have the food brought to you already to go. We include all the things you do not think of, and you will thank yourself later for using catering services instead of trying to take on everything. 

Hygiene & Safety 

At Double D’s Deli & More, we have practiced the highest hygiene and safety levels throughout the kitchen and restaurant. We work to protect our customers on and off-site, which is not always the case when food is made elsewhere for an event. 

Double D’s Deli & More Knows Best 

Double D’s Deli & More knows how to bring out the best flavors of the South in anything you try! We are passionate about all things food and family. Some of our flavors might be different with a polish background, but we promise they are worth trying. 

Everything we have created is for our customers, and they leave satisfied every visit. If you are curious and want to try a sandwich, stop in our Rockledge, Florida location to satisfy that craving or give us a call (321) 298-6995 to answer any questions you may have about our catering services!

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