Say Thank You with Double D’s Deli Delights

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At Double D’s Deli & More, we think that family is more important than food. The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, and that could not be more true at Double D’s; our cuisine is cooked with meticulous precision and professional care because we care about what our customers consume. Every recipe at Double D’s Polish Food is cooked from scratch in-house and passed down through the generations. We want to think that our clients can tell the difference! What started as a single barbeque smoker in 2013 evolved into a full-fledged brick-and-mortar in 2015 and has continued to develop since then. We treat our customers like family at our establishment since that’s what it is all about. You are not just getting a meal when you come to Double D’s; you are getting a family dining experience with food created with love.

Despite adversity, Double D’s has grown. We want to think it’s all because of our devoted consumers, whom we consider family. Our community kept us afloat when everything else seemed to be failing, and we are eternally thankful for all of the love and support we have received over the years.

We want to take this time to say happy Thanksgiving, to you and yours, from us and ours.

Thanksgiving will be on Thursday, November 25, 2021, this year. Because December isn’t far away, you can eat Thanksgiving leftovers while listening to Christmas music! While you are busy celebrating family and loved ones this year, we would like to make it a little simpler for you by assisting with our Thanksgiving meal. Here are eight reasons why you should let us lead:

Catering Made Easy

We strive to make it as simple as possible for our customers to enjoy our great food at Double D’s. That is why we provide such simple alternatives on our website; our customers may add whatever menu items they want to the catering section and turn it into an event! We built our catering to be as adaptable as feasible to our customers’ needs. Main entrees, sides, salads, drinks, desserts, and more are all available!

Feed a Crowd (or two!)

We want you to know that we are here to assist you to fill your table, no matter how big or small, for a memorable Thanksgiving meal. Whatever your plans for the holidays are this year, through Zoom or in person, allow us to handle the Thanksgiving cooking for you. We can prepare the entire meal, a per-person supper, or just the turkey and ham! 

Stress-Free Preparation

It can be tough to prepare dinner for the family every night. Imagine cooking for twenty people in one sitting, having no idea what they want to eat and no knowledge of how to prepare so much food in such a short period. Because meal preparation for any gathering can be stressful, hiring a catering service is the ideal option. Double D’s is prepared to cater for any group, large or little, as professionals who cook for hundreds of people every day.

Guaranteed Sucess

From your refrigerator to your dining table, to make a complete Christmas meal, all you need to do is reheat it in your home oven. It’s unlikely that anything goes wrong, but we will supply extensive instructions and our phone number just in case. You’ve got this!

Hygiene & Safety

In our kitchen and restaurant, we constantly maintain the highest levels of food hygiene and safety. We strive hard to protect our guests and consumers both on and off-site, which is not always the case when non-professionals prepare food for an event. We care about everyone’s health, so we sanitize and clean periodically to ensure that everything that leaves our facility is safe.

Save Time

Another incentive to have food catered for an event is to save time. Cooking is not something that should be added to the mix when it comes to arranging an event! You will save time as there is no direct cooking involved, and there will be less of a clean-up! Anything that allows you to spend less time in the kitchen with your visitors is a good thing. You don not want to spend the entire time cooking because your friends and relatives have come to visit you. You, too, have earned the right to enjoy the day. It’s a win-win situation when the host and the visitors are both happy.

Save Money

Many people choose to cook instead of ordering catered food to save money. On the other hand, the cost of ingredients can quickly build up, and special cooking sheets for huge quantities are frequently required. It is worth comparing the cost of the ingredients at the supermarket to the cost of having the food prepared by a professional beforehand.

The Double D’s Difference

Double D’s Deli & More knows how to bring out the best flavors in the South, from pastrami and corned beef to barbeque and kielbasa. With roots in Polish food and a love for succulent meats that will make your mouth water, we are passionate about all things food and family. If you are looking for a delicious meal and a friendly atmosphere, stop by our location in Rockledge. You can also give us a call with any questions about our food or catering services at (321) 298-6995. We can not wait to hear from you!

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